Alexey Anikanov

IT specialist with strong technical, project management and interpersonal skills (Ukraine, Kyiv)


A supremely motivated, with strong level of practice knowledge, self-organized and goal-oriented IT specialist with wide range of skills and abilities, including good English communication skill


Move company IT infrastructure into cloud, setup of "virtual IT company"
Setup and implement an automated CI/CD process
Research and implement modern deployment technologies



Strong Linux knowledge (various dists, services)
Strong bare-metal full cycle deployment, support and maintenance (Dell, Supermicro)
Strong networking knowledge (L1 Arista switches, Fortigate routers, Infiniband HW setup, support and maintenance)
Strong knowledge of VPN solutions (various client VPN, OpenVPN, FortiGate VPN, IPSEC)
Virtualization systems knowledge (Proxmox, Xen, KVM, OpenVZ, LXC/LXD)
Containers (docker)
Orchestration (kubernetes, docker swarm, docker-compose)
AWS knowledge (EC2, S3, VPC, RDS, IAM, ECS, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, SecurtyHub etc...)
Web services integration (WSDL, REST)
Monitoring systems (MMonit, Monit, Munin, Grafana + InfluxDB + Telegraf), Prometheus
CI systems (Jenkins, Teamcity, GitLab CI)
CD systems (spinnaker, capistrano, Nolio)
ELK stack
Configuration Management (SaltStack)
Bug-tracker systems (JIRA + JIRA Cloud, Redmine),
Version control system (git)
Code review system (Gerrit, GitLab)
Load testing knowledge (Apache Jmeter, ab)
Programming languages Python, SQL, Ruby(RoR), Javascript, C/C++, Java, shell (currently use python, SQL, bash, Javascript; can read code written on various languages)
DBA skills MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, Clickhouse, Couchbase, Cassandra
HA solutions (clustering, load balancing, distributing)


Continuous self-development, family holidays, healthy lifestyle
Want to learn Go language


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